DS18B20 Temperature Sensor, Arduino, and Johnny-Five

I‘ve been doing a bit of hardware hacking over the past week or so, and I’m really starting to get into it. I ordered some DS18B20 digital temperature sensors on Amazon, which I intend to use as part of a high-tech homebrew setup. When I received the sensors, I was pretty pumped to start using them, so I sat down and looked up instructions to connect them to an Arduino Uno.

It was pretty straightforward, though I had to improvise on the resistor, because I didn't have a 4.7K Ohm lying around (it turns out 5 1K resistors in series will suffice).

However, getting it to work with johnny-five was a bit harder. After lots of searching around, I came to the conclusion that the default firmware on the Arduino would not work out of the box with One-Wire sensors, and I'd have to install the ConfigurableFirmata library.