DS18B20 Temperature Sensor, Arduino, and Johnny-Five

I‘ve been doing a bit of hardware hacking over the past week or so, and I’m really starting to get into it. I ordered some DS18B20 digital temperature sensors on Amazon, which I intend to use as part of a high-tech homebrew setup. When I received the sensors, I was pretty pumped to start using them, so I sat down and looked up instructions to connect them to an Arduino Uno.

It was pretty straightforward, though I had to improvise on the resistor, because I didn't have a 4.7K Ohm lying around (it turns out 5 1K resistors in series will suffice).

However, getting it to work with johnny-five was a bit harder. After lots of searching around, I came to the conclusion that the default firmware on the Arduino would not work out of the box with One-Wire sensors, and I'd have to install the ConfigurableFirmata library.

CascadiaJS 2013

I attended CascadiaJS 2013 in Vancouver, BC last week, and wanted to compile some ideas I found interesting and useful from the conference. There were so many amazing talks that I don‘t have time to write about everything, but I’ll try to write a bit about the talks I enjoyed the most. All the sessions were recorded, so go and watch them!

Node Man's Land

I went to NodeConf last week, and I wanted to share what I learned! This post is basically a brain dump of what I remember from each session and my overall impression of the conference.

But first, a little about the structure of NodeConf. When we arrived, everyone received a map of the camp and a randomly chosen, unique schedule of times with numbers that correspond to locations on the map. The idea was that for each time slot, you’d go to the session indicated by the number on your schedule. In each session, there were about 30 attendees and 2-3 presenters. The sessions were very interactive; almost all of them included coding workshops of some sort. Each session only lasted 50-55 minutes, but considering the amount of information covered, I found them amazingly rewarding and useful.

Read more about the format of NodeConf on the github repo.